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Assign-a-Highway Program


The Assign-A-Highway Program assigns non-violent probationers to pick litter on various state-maintained Northern Neck roads. Probationers can thus fulfill their community-service obligations. District courts in Lancaster, Northumberland, Richmond, and Westmoreland Counties participate in the program, which was created in January 2007.

* Tons calculated by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality's volume-to-tons conversion formula
** Cost savings calculated at $15.01 per hour worked by individual probationer




In conjunction with International Coastal Cleanup day and Clean Virginia Waterways, a shoreline cleanup was performed by court-assigned, community-service probationers at two Northern Neck locations on September 21st and 28th, 2013.

A sample of the litter removed from the shoreline

Probationers in the “Assign-A-Highway” program administered by the Northern Neck Planning District Commission held a cleanup on the Potomac River shoreline at Westmoreland State Park in Westmoreland County and Windmill Point landing in Lancaster county.

Over one thousand litter items were picked up on just one half mile of the Potomac River shoreline (sample above). The vast majority of litter removed from both areas was plastic litter, including 150 bottle tops, 200 cigarette filters and 375 small pieces of plastic.

For more information call Ben Lewis, Litter control Coordinator at 313-8481 or visit our website at www.nnpdc.org.